Make your workspace work for you.

You have workspace needs. You face workspace challenges. Look to Lista for your storage and cabinet solutions! And now, with our new and improved storage configurator experience, you can optimize your operation’s productivity and profitability by customizing the perfect storage solution online.

Any space. Any industry.

Companies in virtually every industry look to Lista for workbenches, storage systems, and cabinets to optimize efficiency and make their workspace work.

  • Agriculture
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Vehicle Services

From the dealership to the farm, Lista keeps your supply chain organized, optimized, and operating at peak efficiency

Whether you're selling lawnmowers, tractors, chain saws or earth movers, efficient customer service is critical. Lista’s organized storage solutions help improve inventory and retrieval times by creating a home for every part.


Organized storage and workspace solutions for efficient maintenance and repair operations.

Lista provides stable and secure storage solutions that are perfect for tool crib applications. With their modular design, sub-dividable drawers and heavy-duty tool holders, our products provide convenient, highly organized storage of CNC tools and perishable tools such as drills, taps, reamers and broaches.

Vehicle Services
Vehicle Services

Single Cabinets to Full Service Bays to Parts Room Storage for any size operation

Lista's sleek, organized workspace and storage solutions help auto dealerships and technicians alike improve efficiency, enhance image, and increase profitability.


Tough, secure storage solutions for demanding government applications

Lista makes workspace work – on land, sea and in air. That’s why government organizations and military alike trust Lista. Our durable workspace and storage solutions provide security, mobility, and maximum efficiency on the job.


Storage solutions that support your commitment to efficient, patient-centered care.

Busy hospital distribution departments rely on Lista’s storage and workspace solutions to help them stay organized, efficient, and save space. Modular designs are ideal for storing items of various sizes and shapes and can be expanded upon to accommodate future growth.

Build it to your business.

With Lista’s All-New Storage and Cabinet Configurator you can customize and visualize the perfect storage solution to fit your business or operation.

Customize storage solutions to fit your workspace and improve workflow.

Interact with a 3D model of your storage system.

Streamline the purchasing process and know exactly what you’re getting.

  • Customize storage solutions to fit your workspace and improve workflow.
  • Interact with a 3D model of your storage system.
  • Streamline the purchasing process and know exactly what you’re getting.
Lista Landing Ipad Image
Lista Landing Ipad Image
Lista Landing Ipad Image

Get Started.

Choose from the tabs below to find a pre-configured cabinet you would like to customize for your business needs.

  • Mobile
  • Stationary
ST0750-0505FA-M Configeration
MP0600-0402FA-M Configeration
MP0750-0505FA-M Configeration
ST0750-0801FA-M Configeration
HS0750-0505FA-M Configeration
HS0750-0801FA-M Configeration
HS0900-0802FA-M Configeration


Standard footprint 5 drawer mobile cabinet with tech series side push handle, ideal for point of use tool storage.

Customize ST0750-0505FA-M


Small footprint mobile cabinet, designed for under desk applications. Cabinet contains 4 drawers, front push handles and a rubber mat.

Customize MP0600-0402FA-M


Working height compact mobile cabinet with 5 drawers and a retainer top and mat.

Customize MP0750-0505FA-M


Eight drawer standard footprint mobile cabinet. 90 sub-divided compartments make a perfect solution for mobile storage of small tooling or components at point of use.

Customize ST0750-0801FA-M


Five drawer wide mobile cabinet with deep drawers provides flexibility for storage of various sized items.

Customize HS0750-0505FA-M


Eight drawer wide mobile cabinet with short drawers, idea for storing tools or small parts in a mobile application.

Customize HS0750-0801FA-M


Tall eight drawer mobile cabinet ideal for storing a high variety of items in a compact footprint.

Customize HS0900-0802FA-M
SC0900-0703FA Configeration
SC0900-0901FA Configeration
HS0900-0702FA Configeration
HS0900-0901FA Configeration
SC1350-0803FA Configeration
HS1350-1002FA Configeration
SC1350-0903FA Configeration
SC1350-1103FA Configeration
DWSD1350 Configeration
NW0600-0301NA Configeration
DW0900-0605FA Configeration


Seven drawer counter height cabinet with 114 sub-divided compartments. The lower drawers are progressively larger, accommodating bulkier items.

Customize SC0900-0703FA


Nine drawer counter height cabinet with 154 sub-divided compartment allows for storage of bulk small items or use as a parts issue counter.

Customize SC0900-0901FA


Shallow depth, mid-width counter height cabinet with 7 drawers and 96 compartments is ideal for applications where limited depth is available for installation.

Customize HS0900-0702FA


Nine drawer shallow depth counter height cabinet with 9 drawers and 117 compartments fits small to mid-sized items in a space efficient footprint.

Customize HS0900-0901FA


Eight drawer eye-level height cabinet, ideal for storing larger cubic items.

Customize SC1350-0803FA


Ten drawer wide, shallow depth wide cabinet is ideal for storing longer items in a compact footprint.

Customize HS1350-1002FA


Nine drawer eye level standard cabinet with all 5" high drawers, a perfect solution for storing like items or high density small parts.

Customize SC1350-0903FA


Eleven drawer eye level standard cabinet with progressively larger drawers, ideal for utilization in a bank of cabinets storing a wide variety of items.

Customize SC1350-1103FA


Double-wide single adjustable shelf cabinet with sliding doors can be used either as a stand-alone open shelving cabinet, or as an overhead cabinet stacked on top of a DW drawer cabinet or spanning across two ST cabinets.

Customize DWSD1350


Full Depth three drawer cabinet ideal for under desk applications. The bottom drawer includes a file drawer for letter size hanging file folders.

Customize NW0600-0301NA


Double-wide six drawer cabinet with all equal drawers. This counter height cabinet is ideal for storing long items, or subdivided and used as an issue counter where visibility to a great assortment of product is required.

Customize DW0900-0605FA


Build a Custom Solution

Storage problems solved.

Learn how some of our current customers turned to Lista to find the right storage solutions for their business.

Lista Landing Page Image

Titan USA discovered a storage system that could keep up.

To keep up with of their company’s steady growth, Titan needed a storage solution to accommodate their ever-increasing volume of inventory. Titan invested in 140 Lista storage cabinets capable of withstanding the most extreme work environments and with 50% more storage capacity than conventional shelving – an attribute that directly addressed Titan's immediate problem.

Titan USA Logo

“Our products now stay dust-free in the drawers, not subject to potential dirt or damage as they were in the open shelving.”   -- Ralph Colby, President & CEO

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Lista Landing Page Image

Westervelt Co. got the more flexible storage system their business needed.

After dealing with an ineffective storage system that resulted in a loss of both time and money, Westervelt Co. looked to Lista for a more flexible, durable and cost-effective storage system. They invested in a total of 260 standard-width cabinets from Lista, which house a diverse array of items – everything from motors, tools and static-sensitive parts to office products like envelopes and legal pads.

Westervelt Company Logo

“The system has made everyone's life easier.” -- John Harris, Supervisor of Stores

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Lista Landing Page Image

Sager Electronics found a more efficient way to store sensitive electronics.

With an all-new centralized distribution center, Sager needed a better organized and more efficient storage system. They invested in a system from Lista consisting of 40 mid-width modular drawer storage cabinets, each featuring a space-efficient 47" wide by 28" deep footprint. All the cabinets are painted with ESD paint, which is critical in the storage of sensitive electronic components.

Sager Logo

“A 1,000% increase in storage density.” -- Mark Lincoln, Distribution Manager

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